Sheffield Shoebox Appeal 2023

Christmas can be a very joyous time of year, but  it can be very lonely as well.  We work closely with our charities and service providers to provide a bit of Christmas cheer for the homeless, people in hostels, temporary accommodation and  safe refuges, and the socially isolated elderly. Most of them have access to basic items like toothbrushes/paste, toiletries and food, but don't have those little luxuries we all appreciate.  For many of them this will be the only Christmas present they get,  so we want to make sure our boxes are full of treats and luxury items

We need your help with made up shoeboxes for our different categories and loose items to help us enrich boxes where needed, and also to make up any we are short of. 

We are not associated with any charities collecting boxes for children, and only collect boxes for adults.

The list of charities we supported in 2022 is here.

We have an Amazon wishlist for those who would rather send us items directly, and drop off points where you can take boxes and loose items to.

Thank you so much.

The Shoebox Team

What to put in boxes

Senior Boxes

What not to include 

Tins of food, or any food that needs cooking

  Food that will be out of date before Christmas

Large bars of soap


Any open or used toiletries and large bottles of toiletries

Hand sanitiser


Knives, or tools that contain knives

Sanitary products

Children's toys or Childrens/adult clothes


 Religious materials

How to pack boxes

Wrap the box so that the lid can be opened – all boxes have to be opened and checked

Include a Christmas card and a message

Label male or female or senior male/female

Include a mix of things in each box – clothes/Christmas food/toiletries/treats 

Fill the box as much as you can, and include some luxury items

Remember to remove price tags

Drop Off Points  - All are now closed except for the central store on Glossop Road, The Milestone and The Fairway

Amazon wishlist  - Now closed